Christ & Heiri has extensive process expertise and owns highly automated and state-of-the-art machine park. High-quality products, reliability and competitive pricing have enabled the company to operate successfully on the international market for many years. The company’s primary customers include the automotive industry, where geared components are mainly installed in electric motors (seat adjustment, door lock, windscreen adjustment, windscreen wipers, climate control, tailgates, sunroof, bend lighting, etc.), the watchmaking industry, drive technology and the medical technology.

Over the past 70 years of the company’s existence, Christ & Heiri has grown from a supplier to the watch industry into a specialist for geared components manufacturing high-precision worm gears, pinions, cogwheels, bevel wheels and subassemblies. Together with first-class partners we also offer a choice of finishings. Quality, on-time delivery and reliability are the hallmarks of our highly motivated team, achieved by conformance with strict process requirements (such as IATF 16949:2016 or ISO 9001:2015) and with state-of-the-art testing and packaging systems.

Headquarter of Christ & Heiri AG at Selzach

Headquarter of Christ & Heiri AG at Selzach


The staff of Christ & Heiri is known for extensive experience, flexibility and excellent customer relations. Olivier Brunner, the CEO at the helm of the company, is supported by Pascal Zimmermann (Head of Production), Dr. Alexander Mitwalsky (Head of Quality Control), Claudia Heiri (Administration) and Edin Hasanovic (Process Planning and Shipping).

Portrait Olivier Brunner

Olivier Brunner

CEO Christ & Heiri and Technical Director Christ & Heiri Group

Portrait Pascal Zimmermann

Pascal Zimmermann

Head of Production

Portrait Alexander Mitwalsky

Dr. Alexander Mitwalsky

Head of Quality Control

Portrait Claudia Wiedmer Heiri

Claudia Heiri


Portrait Edin Hasanovic

Edin Hasanovic

Process Planning & Shipping


Modern Machinery

Modern Machinery

Every week, more than two million geared parts are produced in a manufacturing area of approximately 2,000 m2. Most of the production, testing and packaging processes are fully automated and allow operations to run 24/7. Christ & Heiri has a total of approximately 30 gear-cutting machines and around 50 micro-gear-cutting machines used primarily in the automotive industry, medical technology, the watch industry and in micro-gear manufacturing. The cutting-edge production facility was built in 2011 and satisfies the highest standards.


Our priority is to achieve the maximum quality of the products we manufacture for you. Therefore, our processes are audited and improved on an ongoing basis. Our company has been ISO 9001-certified since 1998. Today, we have IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. Our quality concept not only meets the required standards, it also reflects our mind-set and operating principles.

The entire product manufacturing process is inspected for maximum quality by computer-supported measuring instruments. Production is completed according to your requirements (e.g. QS 9000, VDA) and we are well acquainted with quality and process guidelines, such as PPF, PAPP, FMEA, QVP, PDCA, KVP and SPC.

All test results are on file. They are available for inspection at any time and can be printed out in the form of statistics or of raw data. We can also enter and maintain your product in the IMDS database. Every delivery is provided with a test protocol.

If required, the products may undergo a 100% control prior to packaging. The contours of the gearing part (outside diameter, profile), the mixture and the length of each part are fully examined. Upon request, we will also perform a 100% control of the bore holes of up to 7 mm in length or of cracks and points of impact. In addition, we are in a position to provide three-dimensional measurements of pitch, profile and other quantities. These steps of the process are largely automated by the latest testing and packaging machines.

ISO 9001 E

IATF 16949 E


The sustainability of the environment is a top priority in our production processes. We are striving to reduce the use of resources at every opportunity, make intelligent decisions and act responsibly in all matters concerning the environment. We are in compliance with all environmental laws and proactively endeavour to minimize our environmental impact.

ISO 14001:2015