In August 2017, Grieshaber Feinmechanik was acquired by Christ & Heiri AG, thus becoming part of the Christ & Heiri Group. The merger expands the overall portfolio of services and facilitates the intensive exchange of knowledge and experience, enabling the Group to provide its customers with optimum solutions. The two companies have thus created an attractive platform for existing and potential customers alike.


Olivier Brunner and Thomas Seeler are responsible for the operative management of the Christ & Heiri Group. Olivier Brunner is the Managing Director of Christ & Heiri AG and the Technical Director of the Christ & Heiri Group. Thomas Seeler is the Managing Director of Grieshaber Feinmechanik and is responsible for the commercial management of the Group.

Portrait Olivier Brunner

Olivier Brunner

CEO Christ & Heiri and Technical Director Christ & Heiri Group


The Christ & Heiri Group has three sites. Its two main sites are located in Selzach, Switzerland, and Löffingen, Germany, and the Group has a third production site in Apodaca, Mexico. This particular site allows the Group to deliver products to customers located in the USA and Mexico quickly and flexibly.